This boy

Michela, 23, Italy.
Beatles, Mclennon.


two of us

"John and I used to hitch-hike places together, it was something that we did together quite a lot; cementing our friendship, getting to know our feelings, our dreams, our ambitions together. It was a very wonderful period. I look back on it with great fondness. I particularly remember John and I would be squeezed in our little single bed, and Mike Robbins, who was a real nice guy, would come in late at night to say good night to us, switching off the lights as we were all going to bed."  - Paul McCartney

The Beatles rehearsing, Scala Theatre, April 1964
David Hurn: “They were more at home playing their instruments than acting. They didn’t like miming so actually played live for the film. Paul and John seemed to understand one another totally. There was no rivalry, just a genuine love and respect. It was great fun to watch them onstage playing. Yet despite their obvious talents they were very humble. They’d point to other musicians saying how much more able they were. Their musical limitations spurred them on.”